SPEED DOME AVP312 1/3" SONY H.R. 3x Auto Tracking Speed Dome/ ราคาถูกสุด....

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SPEED DOME AVP312 1/3" SONY H.R. 3x Auto Tracking Speed Dome/ ราคาถูกสุด....

รายละเอียด: SPEED DOME AVP312 1/3" SONY H.R. 3x Auto Tracking Speed Dome
Auto Focus, Atuo Iris Zoom Lens

This indoor speed dome camera equipped with a 360° pan and 90° tilt base, and optical zoom lens and has the auto focus function. Moreover, it has many advanced functions, including Intelligent Auto Tracking, High Spindle Reliability, Friendly Graphical OSD Interface and Convenient Keyboard Controller Control. With all these strong features, various demanding applications for safety surveillance can be easily achieved.

High-Speed Pan/Tilt Mechanism and Auto-Focus Zoom Lens
‧ Provides 360∘panning, 90∘tilting and optical zooming functionality.
◎ Auto Tracking Function to Follow Intruder
‧ With precise pan / tilt movement and zoom coefficient calculation, the speed dome camera can make
precise pan, tilt and zoom movement to keep tracking intruders.
‧ The camera will automatically aim and follow the largest movement in the monitoring view, making the
camera pan (max. 360º), tilt (max. 90º) and zoom to keep the target in the center of the view within: (1) the
camera's pre-defined surveillance area / (2) the pre-defined tracking timeout. When the locked target is
out of the pre-defined surveillance area or the aimed object stops moving longer than the pre-defined
tracking timeout, the camera returns to the point it originally monitors. It's the best function to provide
evidentiary recording.
◎ Graphical On-Screen Display
◎ Easy Operation via Keyboard Controller
‧ The optional keyboard controller provides convenient 3D joystick and touch screen design for easy
◎ PTZ Hot Point Function Supported
◎ Advanced White Balance Function
‧ According to different color temperature and installation place, set the white balance function to the different
◎ Text Display of Camera Title
‧ Shows an identifying name for each camera on the monitor, up to 8 characters and symbols.

Signal System NTSC or PAL
Pick-up Element 1/3" color CCD image sensor
Number of Pixels 768(H)*494(V) / 752(H)*582(V)
Resolution 480TV lines
S/N Ratio More than 48dB (AGC off)
Video Output 1.0 Vp-p. 75Ω
BLC On / Off
Gain Control Adjust
Sharpness Adjust
White Balance ATW
Color Gain Adjust
Video Adjustment Brightness / Contrast / Hue / Sharpness
Picture Effects Mirror
Camera ID Preset ID (8 characters)
Preset Points 16 preset points
Auto Mode Sequence / Auto pan
Lens Type 2.5X Optical Zoom 4mm~9mm(F1.4~1.8)
F-number F1.4(Wide)~F1.8(Tele)
Focal Length 0.88mm~inf.(Tele), 0.35mm~inf.(Wide)
Viewing Angle 40°(Tele)~90°(Wide)
Auto Electronic Shutter 1 / 60 (1/50) to 1 / 100,000 sec.
Auto Focus Yes
Pan Range 360°
Pan Angle Setting Possible (in auto-pan mode)
Tilt Range 90°
Zoom Speed Approx. 3s (Tele / Wide)

เว็บไซต์ที่เกี่ยวข้อง: http://www.avtech.com.hk/eng/CCTV_System_Networking_Speed_Dome.files/27-37-0312.pdf

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