Electromagnetic drill stand M 100 metabo

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Electromagnetic drill stand M 100 metabo

Electromagnetic drill stand M 100
„„ Magnet base with high holding power for safe operation
„„ Also suitable, when used in conjunction with the safety
chain supplied, for working on vertical, sloping, or
overhead surfaces
„„ Vertical feed driven by rack and pinion
„„ In order to position the tip of the drill bit that is fitted in
the drill exactly over the punch mark on the material to be
drilled, the upper part of the magnetic drill stand can be
swivelled and moved sideways
„„ Power socket on the drill stand for connecting the drill
„„ The drill fitted to the drill stand cannot be started until the
drill stand itself has been switched on
„„ Adjustable support to back up the stand against the high
reacting forces that arise when drilling
„„ Graduated collar indicating the depth to which the hole is
Locating bore: 65 mm
Depth of feed: 260 mm
Maximum height: 650 mm
Magnetic force (max.):18 kN
Dimensions magnetic base: 110 x 220 mm
Weight: 22 kg


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