FOR RENT: A Classical Thai House

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FOR RENT: A Classical Thai House

FOR RENT: A Classical Thai House.

The design of this traditional Thai-style house is compatible with climate and resources of Thailand.
The taste of an ordinary Thai country living style surrounded by luscious vegetation and marginal urban
area has given way to much reflection for life. The house is located 8 Kms away from the Miracle intersection
of Thamuang district of Kanchanaburi province which provides the 150 beds hospital, local Markets, Tesco, 7-11 convenient store, Post office, and Mae Klong Dam.

​​Available space of main house: 144 m2 including
4x6 m. bedroom. (upstairs)
4x10 m. room. (upstairs)
4x12 m. room.
8x12 m. dining area.
8x8 m. balcony. (upstairs)

(4x3 m. kitchen separated from main house.)

Utilities: Tap water, Electricity.

Facilities: Satellite dish, Air-conditioner, Internet, Kitchen appliances, Telephone.

Tenancy bond: 36,000 Baht

Rent rate: 12,000 baht /m.

Remark: it is approximately 150 Kms. from Thamuang district to Dawei, Myanmar

please ctc k.Kung tel.082-448-7083


ราคา: 10,000-12,000ต้องการ: ขาย/ให้เช่า
ติดต่อ: kungอีเมล์: 
โทรศัพย์: 0824487083IP Address:

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