Chiangmai Boutique Hotel, Bar & Restaurant , At Niman Hotel in downtown Chiangmai!!

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Chiangmai Boutique Hotel, Bar & Restaurant , At Niman Hotel in downtown Chiangmai!!

At Niman Boutique Hotel was designed by Rachen Inthawong, the famed conceptual designer of Thailand.
It is inspired by the impression of cultural inheritable of the Himalayas through the great mountain
of Chiangmai "Doi Suthep" which is the cultural bound from Indian to Lanna. The style, moreover,
reflects Asian coupled with the comfort of international standard.

This month we proudly present our new "At Niman Bar and Restaurant" that lead by Prawit Theeranon
or the so-called DJ Buddha Mee who has long term experiences working as the live DJ at ZUK BAR, the
renowned bar of Sukhothai Hotel in Bangkok. The combination between the Moroccan style furniture
together with sparkling lights of grand chandelier and fine paintings by illustrious painters,
At Niman Bar & Restaurant has been the ideal place to chill-out at night in Chiangmai especially
for those who prefer relaxing and peaceful place to take time with a glass of wine or exceptional
cocktail. More importantly live music by DJ Mee, Lounge, Deep House, Soulful or House style is so
extraordinary you wouldn’t find somewhere else.

Whereas "At Niman Boutique Hotel" is a small unique accommodation, it is centrally located, peaceful
and retains the charm of authentic Chiang Mai. We strongly believe that "At Niman Boutique Hotel"
will continue to symbolize the characteristics of Chiangmai of yesteryears.

Here we have 8 rooms are luxurious with all spacious amenities and contemporary en-suite bathrooms,
candles and aromatherapy bath products. All senses are welcoming, the attention to exquisitely
details throughout the rooms creating a tranquil environment and contemporary furnishings, softened
with the occasional period piece, have created an atmosphere of clean and understated luxury.

For more information and reservation please contact:
At Niman Boutique Hotel Chiangmai
37 Nimmanhemin Road Nimmanhemin Soi 9, Sutep, Muang Distict, Chiangmai 50200, Thailand.
Tel: +66 (053) 224 949
Fax: +66 (053) 895600


ราคา: 2,800-4,800ต้องการ: ขาย/ให้เช่า/แลก
ติดต่อ: Tanukiอีเมล์: 
โทรศัพย์: 053224949IP Address:

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