Lipe Resort (หลีเป๊ะ รีสอร์ท สตูล)

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Lipe Resort (หลีเป๊ะ รีสอร์ท สตูล)


Lipe Island is a small island of Koh Adang - Rawi. (Koh means ’ island in Thai) It is part of Tarutao National Marine Park, located on the south of the Andaman Sea. It is approximately 60 kms from Satun seashore and can be reached by taking a ferry from Pakbara Pier, 45 kms from Tarutao Island and 400 meters from Koh Adang.

Lipe Island is described as a flat, oval land and is similar to the shape of a " Boommerang ". In the surrounding areas, there are both shallow and deep coral reefs. The seawater is emerald-blue and crystal clear and there are numerous types of exotic marine wildlife. Because of the beauty of the sea, it is often called the " Maldives of Thailand "

Room rate: Now-------10/01/13

Garden Villa 3700 THB

Deluxe Villa 5200 THB

Beach front Villa 4500 THB

Family Villa ( 2 Bedrooms) 5700 THB

Beach front Pool Villa 12200 THB

Room rate:11/01/13------30/04/13

Garden Villa 3150 THB

Deluxe Villa 3550 THB

Beach front Villa 4000 THB

Family Villa ( 2 Bedrooms) 5300 THB

Beach front Pool Villa 10600 THB


Extra person @ 900 THB/Person with breakfast

Check in time 14.00 Pm Check out time 12.00

For Booking please call 081-0315907,0861101032,038-118662


ราคา: 3,700-12,200ต้องการ: ขาย/ให้เช่า/แลก
ติดต่อ: Pattaya Touristik Thailandอีเมล์: 
โทรศัพย์: 081,0315907,086-1101032,038-118662IP Address:

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