Graf Ice Hockey Skate - Supra 570 ราคาถูก

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Graf Ice Hockey Skate - Supra 570 ราคาถูก

Size สำหรับคนใส่รองเท้า 40-41-42

Our new 570 is designed for skaters who want premium fit and construction without paying a premium. Another great choice for those looking for a deep fitting design – like the elite ULTRA G70 – and a regular heel fit with a moderately curved heel shape. A HDPE based Monocoque quarter construction allows full integration of the frame to the quarter structure. This translates to maximum strength and improved weight reduction while still maintaining GRAF's trademark fit and function. Additional features like the Thermolam construction, a lightweight cambrelle lining system, and the anatomically formed ankle and heel lock system make the 570 a potent mid-range contender.


ราคา: 6,900ต้องการ: ขาย/ให้เช่า/แลก
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โทรศัพย์: 081 849 4499IP Address:

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