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built-in. Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Jump to: navigation, search ... It has been requested that this entry be merged with built in.

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 Built-in - Merriam-Webster Online
adjective \ˈbilt-ˈin\. : included as a part of something. : forming a natural part of someone or something. Full Definition of BUILT-IN. 1. a : forming an integral part  ...

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 built-in - definition of built-in by the Free Online Dictionary ...
Constructed as part of a larger unit; not detachable: a built-in cabinet. 2. Forming a permanent or essential element or quality: a built-in escape clause.

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 Built In Chicago: Chicago Startups
An online community for Chicago startups, entrepreneurs, and innovators.

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 Built-in - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Built-in, builtin, or built in may more specifically refer to: Built-in account · Built-in behavior · Built-in furniture · Built-in inflation, a type of inflation that results from ...

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 Built in LA: Los Angeles Startups
An online community for LA startups, entrepreneurs, and innovators.

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