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 Portable Pocket WiFi for Phones Tablets and Laptops - SMART ...
Connect up to 5 gadgets in your own personal WiFi zone using a fast & reliable connection. Available in 4 great-value plans.

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 Vodafone Support - Getting started with the Pocket WiFi
Where to get one. You can buy one on plan or prepaid from our online store, or from your local Vodafone store. How it works. The Pocket WiFi Pro/II lets you ...

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 Pocket WiFi Pro - Vodafone Australia
Pocket WiFi from Vodafone Australia is the latest Wi-Fi enabled 3G modem and is the perfect portable wireless hotspot.

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 Pocket WiFi.wmv - YouTube
Sep 29, 2010 ... Setting up my Pocket WiFi from Vodafone with an Apple iPad.

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 Rental Pocket Wifi - Global Advanced Communications
Best Price Pocket WIFI mifi for laptop iPhone iPad and Android WIFI rental in Japan.

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 How do I get my pocket WiFi connected to the internet? - Amaysim
Insert the SIM into your device, normally located under the battery or on the side. Insert device into a USB port on your computer or connect to its Wi-Fi SSID ...

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 Free WiFi on your Pocket PC and Smartphone - Makayama
The ideal WiFi-tool for frequent travellers and mobile professionals. Easy WiFi Radar will connect to open hotspots automatically. Get your mail and browse the  ...

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pocket wifi